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Forget Cut Flowers

Posted by Ryan McQuerry on Nov 23, 2017 10:01:30 AM
Ryan McQuerry

We all love fresh flowers, and it's become customary for reception areas and offices to have a bouquet of cut flowers delivered each week. But this practice is no longer environmentally sustainable, nor is it cost effective. The idea of cutting flowers and keeping them in water until they die doesn't hold the same allure these days...


Fortunately, there's a fantastic alternative to cut flowers that is just as attractive, but also sustainable and cost-effective.


Here are 6 reasons why you should switch over to living foliage bowls.


  1. The WOW factor. Living foliage bowls offer a stunning welcome to your guests (and an interesting talking point).


  1. Living foliage arrangements last indefinitely. You'll never be greeted by a sad, wilted bunch of flowers on Monday morning again. Living foliage doesn't wilt, or die, or need to be replaced each week.


  1. If you want a different look, they can easily be swapped for a different arrangement.  


  1. Living foliage arrangements are ALIVE! The plants get nutrients from the soil, remove toxins from the air and emit live-giving oxygen.


  1. No maintenance! Our living foliage arrangements are regularly cared for by out clever plant technicians, so you can leave the watering and pruning to the professionals.


  1. The bees will thank you. Let's leave the flowers for our bees, who need them and start supporting sustainable practices!


You can read more about the benefits of hiring plants for your space here. And we've also compiled a handy checklist of the ten things you should consider when choosing a plant hire company


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