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7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Plants for Your Office

Posted by Ryan McQuerry on Jun 14, 2017 2:46:50 PM
Ryan McQuerry

Once you've realised the significant health and productivity benefits of indoor plants and understand why your office should have plants, the next step is to decide where to get them from. Do you buy your own plants, pots and gear OR do you contact a hire plant company to do the job for you?

We believe that hiring plants is the most cost-effective and stress-free way to style your office or studio with oxygen-giving greenery.

And THESE are the reasons why!

  1. In-depth plant knowledge

plantwatering.jpgGrowing plants inside necessitates in-depth knowledge of the individual plant's light, soil and fertilisation requirements, and plant diseases that must be treated extremely carefully. Plus, anybody who's had indoor plants knows the fine line between over-watering and under-watering takes many months to establish, for each individual plant. Once a plant has been over-watered, it's almost impossible to resuscitate.


2. Expense 

 Bespoke PlantersThe up-front costs of research time, plants, planters, soil, and garden gear can be considerable. Many businesses start off the process doing it themselves and quickly realise they can't get the plants they like, and the range of available planters is mediocre (at best!) Plant hireage usually includes the plant, pot, labour and sourcing time, plus the on-going maintenance (including regular watering and fertilisation).


3. You have to rely on your staff

Rely on Staff.jpg

If you engage a staff member to maintain your plants, you'll need to allow time for them to research each plant's individual needs and to regularly maintain the plant's health. They'll also need someone to replace them if they're sick, away on holiday, or they leave the company.



4. Plants are messy


Preparing plants for an office space is a messy and physically taxing business so you'll need a large outdoor area or warehouse space that can cope with soil spillage. Plants also bring a fair amount of luggage with them (spades, fertiliser, chemicals, watering vessels) that needs to be stored safely.



5. Good quality design

Green Rack

Have you checked out the range of pots and planters at your local garden store? They're fine for the occasional potted patio fig, but mostly unsuitable for an office-fit-out. The best plant hire companies will offer bespoke planters and green wall options that not only complement your office space, but also invigorate it.


6. They keep it interesting

Living Foliage Bowl

One of the great benefits of plant hireage is that that you can rotate them to keep your space fresh and interesting. The best companies will discuss your preferences with you, and swap out your plants for different ones from time-to-time, so you'll never be stuck with a plant that isn't on your wavelength.



7. Your plants will thank you

Healthy Foliage

Plants that are cared for by professionals are much happier and healthier than those left to non-professionals. Ultimately, you want plants that look shiny, lush and gorgeous, all the time.



So there's our top reasons why you should hire plants for your office.  Need some help choosing a plant hire company? We've created a check-list of the top 10 considerations for choosing a plant hire company.