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How to Make Interiors Look More Lively with Indoor Plants

Posted by Rachel McQuerry on Aug 9, 2017 12:59:05 PM

Ryan McQuerry, director of interior plantscaping business Outside In, uses greenery to create a unique living environment in an Auckland furniture showroom

This showroom lies within a heritage building, and features a solid concrete exterior with a vast open space that needed a focal point. Ryan created a ‘living environment’ in the centre of the showroom; an unconventional and cost-effective solution.

Plants were also placed to spread greenery throughout the large warehouse – both vertically and horizontally – so that from any angle you look, you see greenery with beautiful furniture. The furniture gives the plants context, and on the other hand, greenery makes interior settings look more lively and interesting.

Primary and secondary canopies with different textures, layers and heights emulate how nature works outside. The primary canopy features two large Ficus Benjamina trees that act as a cover, overarching the living environment beneath. These trees enjoy indirect or filtered light, perfect for an indoor environment. The secondary canopy uses a range of ferns and reindeer moss from Scandinavia to replicate the forest floor (Ryan used this to create Cat and Jeremy’s bathroom moss wall on The Block NZ).

Words by: Shelley Ferguson. Photography by: Ruth Beale, Hope Photography.


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