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The Power of Preserved Moss

Posted by Ryan McQuerry on Oct 18, 2018 1:06:53 PM
Ryan McQuerry

Are Preserved Moss & Plant Green Walls REAL?

We’re always asked if the moss is real. The answer is yes but, it’s not living. This is due to the moss having been preserved by a process of heat treating and submersion in a mineral salt solution. This permanently suspends any further decay or drying out yet, amazingly moss retains its natural air filtering abilities. 


The moss and preserved plant wall Outside In installed at Generator's Britomart office provides beautiful texture and vibrancy to the room.


While moss doesn’t have roots, once preserved, it will continue to draw moisture and airborne particles (including dust) out of the air.  Moss walls can therefore contribute to cleaning indoor air naturally in a sustainable and far more economical way than air purifiers and ventilators. They also don’t require any maintenance, watering or sunlight and are completely biodegradable.


Moss walls can also be designed with fresh flowers, fern & foliage that have undergone a delicate conservation and stabilisation process. The sap is substituted by a compound made with glycerine which allows the plants to keep their natural colour and texture. The integration of plants with the moss creates great depth of texture and colour and visually resembles live green walls minus the ongoing expense for maintenance, power and water.


Unlike living walls, moss walls will never release pollen or spores, but what they do have in common is provide a restful view of nature inside, adding to the aesthetics of a designed space and value to a brand or real estate.

So why not use living moss? Well, living moss would require a lot of maintenance indoors, constant misting to keep it moist, so the preserved option provides the best of both worlds.

Where Preserved Moss Works Best

MossWallTM panelling is a perfect solution when you need a real plant indoors that doesn’t require either watering or light. It has a wide application from residential through to commercial office spaces, the health sector and hospitality with controlled air conditioning, humidity levels above 30% and out of direct sun-light. 


Moss Specifics

  • Lightweight – preserved moss is very light weight and does not require an extensive support infrastructure.
  • Highly customizable – able to be used in tight corners and curves, while also incorporating colour/texture diversity in the design.
  • No watering required as moss is naturally hygroscopic and draws moisture from the air. No irrigation required.
  • Interior acoustic control – captures interior sound movement and echo. Tested at Auckland University to average NRC 0.35 and up to 0.60 @ 4000 Hz.
  • Inexpensive – brings greenery to interior environments for a fraction of the cost compared to living systems.

Contact us now for a no-obligation quote for a moss wall for your space.

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